In his many years in industry, in the classroom, observing society, and raising his daughters, Chris has fleshed out his beliefs on numerous topics that affect the U.S., San Antonio and District 6. Click on the hyperlinks below to find out where Chris’ principles of freedom have led him:

Reduce Property Taxes Equally for Everyone

Property taxes are an involuntary government taking of personal earnings and savings. That fact alone is appalling. That it takes away seed money from small businesses, or families’ ability to keep up with the soaring cost of living for example, is unacceptable. There are enough wasteful city programs/services to scale back, or eliminate, so that we can end this seizure of private resources. Read more of Chris’ criticisms of property taxes herehere, and here.

Repeal Ordinances that Hamper Business and Job Creation

Small businesses are the birthplace of innovation. When someone risks their livelihood on an idea, and succeeds, jobs are created. When they start selling beyond the city limits, or even state lines, wealth is created. As they grow, other small businesses sprout up around them, and the virtuous cycle continues.

Everything that’s good in society starts there. We need to get rid of outdated, counterproductive city ordinances that slow it down. Read more of Chris’ thoughts on this topic herehereherehere and here.

Stop Citing and Arresting Citizens for Doing Things that Harm No One Else

One key to prosperity is a stable society. Ensuring that means there is a fair, enforceable rule-of-law, and protection of property rights. Though a gun owner is the primary defense for the safety of his/her home and neighborhood, a police force is necessary to fill in the gaps. This is difficult when they are responsible for enforcing cash-grabs for government, and citing individuals who are bothering no one. Read more of Chris’ thoughts about how the police are over-burdened herehere and here.


While other big Texas cities continue to race ahead of us, we’re kneecapping ourselves with electricity production. Wind and solar are fine, but arguably more hot air is produced from City Hall than either of those sources. Nuclear is clean and cheap, as is natural gas. In fact, NG, much of which is produced in this great state, has contributed to a steep drop in emissions since hydraulic fracturing has unleashed a bounty. Click herehere and here to see more of Chris’ ideas on energy/the environment.

Check out what Chris thinks about other areas of local concern:

Ready to Work

Government bureaucracy

Affordable housing

School choice

Universal Basic Income (Mayor Ron Nirenberg is a signatory to “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income“)